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Management Process

Example of an Administration Process

An administration process implements an established function, policy or directive in a repeatable and measurable way. The following are the basic steps an administration process with the frequently repeated steps in bold.
Plan → Design → Execute → Measure → Optimize → Lessons Learned
Capture the requirements for the administrative function and create a plan to achieve them.
Design the principles, processes, procedures, policies and internal controls required to achieve the work.
Implement the designed administrative functions.
Measure execution using management accounting.
Make changes to execution to try to improve results. This is a cycle of execute → measure → optimize ↺.
Lessons Learned
Lessons learned is the process of taking a step back from optimization to look at the big picture. Evaluate your results and think about how things could be different.
As part of your administration you will likely follow other processes in parallel such as a risk management process, communication process, change management process and performance management process.

Management Process

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