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7 Examples of Esprit De Corps

Esprit de corps is the degree to which a group feel a sense of unity and motivation to achieve a common mission. This is an old French military term that can be literally translated "spirit of the body." The following are illustrative examples.


Camaraderie is a sense of trust and friendship that develops within a team. This emerges over time and is increased by meaningful shared experiences such as overcoming difficulties together.


The degree to which members of a group view this membership as important to their identity. For example, individuals who view their profession as an important element of their character and social status.


Pride in the accomplishments of an organization or team. For example, an individual who is proud of being a student at a well-known university.

Abundance Mentality

Abundance mentality is the degree to which an individual is happy to see others succeed. This a type of win-win outlook. Esprit de corps implies an environment whereby people support each other's success.


Motivation is the energy that an individual feels towards a purpose. Esprit de corps implies an intrinsic motivation whereby groups feel a strong need to reach a goal regardless of associated rewards and penalties.

Corporate Narcissism

Corporate narcissism is when group pride goes too far such that an organization is overconfident. This can cause a neglect of risk, poor judgement, unrealistic strategy and antagonistic relationships with stakeholders. Corporate narcissism also creates an inability to recognize failure such that losing strategies are continued until they become enormously expensive.

Passive Aggression

An organization with apparent esprit de corps may harbor a large number of individuals who are secretly disengaged and resentful. In a culture where everyone is expected to be motivated and positive, such individuals may have little choice but to express these feelings in passive aggressive ways such as malicious compliance.
Overview: Esprit De Corps
The degree to which a group feel a sense of unity and motivation to achieve a common mission.
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