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25 Examples of a Management Process

A management process is a repeatable series of steps that are used to direct and control an organization. These include processes for strategy, operations, projects and administration. The following are common examples of a management process.
Administration Process
Business Optimization
Business Process Improvement
Change Management
Communication Process
Customer Service Process
Decision Making Process
Hire to Retire
Incident Management
Innovation Process
Internal Control Process
Learning Process
Management Accounting Process
Negotiation Process
Performance Improvement Process
Performance Management
Problem Management
Program Management
Project Management
Quality Assurance
Recruiting Process
Reporting Process
Risk Management
Strategic Planning
Team Management

Administration Process

An administration process implements business functions, policies, directives or plans.
Plan → Design → Execute → Measure → Optimize → Lessons Learned

Business Optimization

A business optimization process improves a process, practice, work item, product or service. This is a repeated process of measuring, changing and measuring again.
Execute → Measure → Change ↺

Business Process Improvement

The process of improving business processes. This starts with analysis and measurement of the existing process followed by an improvement. Finally, the process is measured again and a lessons learned is performed.
Analysis → Measurement → Improvement → Measurement → Lessons Learned

Change Management

The process of accepting change requests from stakeholders, prioritizing changes, planning changes and implementing.
Accept Change Request → Prioritize → Plan → Implement

Communication Process

The communication process is basically the implementation of a strategy where your goals are to communicate. This includes special steps such as audience analysis, stakeholder analysis and communication design.
Communication Strategy → Analysis → Communication Planning → Communication Design → Delivery → Feedback → Lessons Learned

Customer Service Process

Customer service is a collection of processes with contact management being the primary process for many businesses.
Customer Contact → Information Gathering → Problem Resolution → Customer Feedback

Decision Making Process

A decision making process typically starts by defining the problem itself followed by decision analysis and discussion. The decision is made and documented as a decision rationale.
Problem Statement → Decision Analysis → Stakeholder Input → Thinking → Decision → Decision Rationale

Hire to Retire

Hire-to-retire is the end-to-end process of employing someone over the course of their career.
Recruitment → Onboarding → Performance Management → Resignation / Termination / Retirement

Incident Management

Incident management is the process of resolving the urgent symptoms of a problem. This works in conjunction with problem management that addresses the root cause of problems.
Planning → Detection → Reporting → Triage → Analysis → Containment & Neutralization → Problem Management

Innovation Process

The innovation process seeks non-obvious leaps forward as opposed to incremental improvements. This benefits from modes of thinking such as design thinking and systems thinking. The innovation process involves quick and bold experiments, prototyping and the launch of minimum viable products designed to get real world feedback.
Problem Statement → Idea Generation → Design → Prototypes → Launch → Learn

Internal Control Process

The process of implementing internal controls.
Plan → Design → Control → Measure → Review

Learning Process

From an organizational perspective, the learning process involves setting development goals followed by the documentation and execution of a learning plan. This differs from the far more interesting individual process of learning that involves research, conversations, experimentation, prototyping and learning-by-doing.
Learning / Development Goals → Learning Plan → Learning → Review

Management Accounting Process

Management accounting is the process of designing and implementing measurements for an organization. This should not be confused with financial accounting.
Requirements → Measurement Design → Measurement → Reporting & Communication

Negotiation Process

The negotiation process involves research, analysis, conversation and influencing designed to reach an agreement.
Prepare → BATNA → Exchange → Objection Handling → Offers &Counteroffers → Final Offer → Agreement → Close

Performance Improvement Process

The performance improvement process manages low performance by giving an employee a chance to improve before termination.
Verbal Warning → Written Warning → Performance Improvement Plan → Performance Review → Continuation / Restoration / Termination

Performance Management

The performance management process establishes a set of performance objectives for each employee and reviews their performance against these objectives.
Performance Objectives → Feedback → Performance Review

Problem Management

The problem management process identifies and resolves the root cause of a problem.
Detection → Prioritization → Problem Analysis → Problem Resolution → Closure

Program Management

The program management process implements a sustained program of change that may involve multiple coordinated projects and initiatives.
Definition → Planning → Program Execution → Control → Close ↺

Project Management

The project management process is almost identical to the program management process above except that it is more directional from start to finish whereas steps in the program management process may repeat many times and run in parallel.
Initiation → Planning → Project Delivery → Project Control → Close

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance process includes quality control. However, it may also address the root cause of quality shortfalls in areas such as process, culture and design.
Plan → Do → Check → Rethink

Recruiting Process

The process of hiring talent.
Recruitment Planning → Search → Prescreening - Engagement → Offers / Negotiation → Hiring → Onboarding

Reporting Process

The process of developing and communicating measurements and information as reports.
Reporting Requirements → Report Development → Data Acquisition → Report Implementation → Feedback & Improvement

Risk Management

The risk management process is the process of identifying, analyzing and treating risk.
Risk Identification → Risk Analysis → Treatment → Risk Control → Monitoring & Review

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is the process of developing the strategy of an organization, department or team.
Mission, Vision & Principles → Goal Planning → Strategy Planning → Strategy Implementation

Team Management

The process of directing the people in a team to achieve productivity and goals.
Assign → Monitor → Feedback → Clear Issues → Close


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