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17 Examples of Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the process of identifying and communicating to stakeholders to gain acceptance of a program, project, initiative or policy. The examples below capture the real-world process of accomplishing this by being transparent, flexible and open but also not allowing your initiative be be derailed.
Identify Stakeholders
List the stakeholders impacted by your program, project, initiative or policy.
Call For Stakeholders
A wide communication that asks anyone with an interest in your initiative to step forward before a deadline.
Stakeholder Analysis
Analyze the needs, authority and influence of stakeholders.
RACI Matrix
Categorize each stakeholder as responsible, accountable, consulted or informed.
Stakeholder Transparency
Communicate the list of stakeholders and RACI matrix.
Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Document a communication plan that spells out how stakeholders will be engaged.
Engagement Plan Sign-off
Require major stakeholders to sign-off on your communication plan.
Engage Stakeholders
Hold meetings and other communications with stakeholders to pitch your initiative and collect feedback.
Analyze Feedback
Document and communicate feedback.
Requirements Gathering
Gather requirements from stakeholders who are responsible for requirements.
Stakeholder Salience
Prioritize the feedback of high authority or influential stakeholders not the most vocal stakeholders.
Communicate a Plan
Change your plans to incorporate stakeholder feedback and requirements. Communicate this broadly.
Sell the Plan
Pitch the plan to stakeholders and handle objections.
Note Objections
Note remaining objections to the plan and retain all other stakeholder feedback.
Plan Sign-off
Require major stakeholders to approve your plan. This may require a push from sponsors or executive escalation.
Change Management
The executive process of building support for change and sidelining resistance to change.
Continued Engagement
Stakeholders are kept informed throughout the life of the initiative and given opportunities to give input to processes such as issue resolution and change request prioritization.
Stakeholder feedback is documented but is only incorporated where it is a helpful and good idea or where the stakeholder has much authority or influence and can't be dissuaded. Trying to incorporate all feedback is generally impossible as ideas will conflict and go off on many tangents. Most typically, feedback is captured and prioritized with the full expectation that most of it won't influence your plans.
Avoid secrecy or keeping your stakeholders to a small group. The more people who feel consulted about your initiative, the better things may go.
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