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28 Office Management Responsibilities

Office management is the management of office locations including office facilities, administrative services and resources. This role varies by the size and structure of a firm and can be quite expansive to include human resource functions. At its core, office management is about managing the services that keep an office running from reception to security. The following are common office management responsibilities and functions.
Implement office policies
Manage floor access processes
Manage office communications
Facility management
Plan and manage office budget
Administer office services such as meeting room reservations
Onboarding processes
Plan and coordinate office moves
Manage a team of administrative assistants
Manage onsite events
Manage office safety and security
Manage office contracts and agreements
Procure office equipment, supplies and services
Manage office resources such as meeting rooms
Manage mail and courier deliveries
Resolve office incidents and solve problems
Manage office distribution lists
Manage office equipment
Manage office maintenance and repairs
Develop and maintain office emergency plans
Handle customer complaints and inquiries
Handle office insurance claims and litigation
Manage office waste and recycling services
Manage office vendors e.g. gardening services
Manage office IT infrastructure
Manage risk and handle insurance coverage
Manage communication infrastructure
Establish office standards


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