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What is Administration?

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Administration is the interpretation and implementation of policy. The following are common examples.


Developing strategies to achieve objectives.

Decision Making

Interpreting policy, principles and directives to make decisions in the context of uncertainty and change.


Developing plans to implement strategy.


Implementing internal controls that systematize policy and procedure.


Organizing work and resources.


Processes are repeated aspects of work that can be formalized as steps and procedures. Administrators design, implement and improve processes.

Information Technology

Implementing applications and systems to improve productivity and efficiency.


Developing metrics, measurements and reports that can be used to drive improvements and provide transparency to stakeholders.

Stakeholder Relationships

Managing relationships with stakeholders such as governments, communities and organizations.

Risk Management

Identifying, analyzing and treating risk.


Managing the quality of services with quality control, quality management and quality assurance techniques.

Programs & Projects

Sponsoring, governing and managing programs and projects.

Performance Management

Managing teams by setting goals and evaluating performance.

Knowledge Management

Developing, capturing and utilizing knowledge.


Developing, submitting and controlling budgets.

Administration vs Management

Administration is the interpretation and implementation of policy. Management is the direction and control of resources to achieve objectives. The primary difference between these two terms is that managers are given more flexibility to achieve objectives in novel ways. Administrators are expected to follow conventions and standards. As such, management is associated with roles that require aggressive change and innovation. Administration is associated with roles that require compliance and standardization.
Overview: Administration
Definition (1)
The interpretation and implementation of policy.
Definition (2)
The executive branch in presidential systems of government.
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