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70 Examples of Communications Management

Communication management is the process of planning, delivering and monitoring communications for an organization, department or team. This can include communications to external stakeholders such as the media and internal stakeholders such as employees. As such, communication management can touch on investor relations, marketing, sales, corporate social responsibility, compliance, human resources, employee engagement and corporate strategy. The following are common examples of communication management.
Audience analysis
Brand communications
Brand storytelling
Change management – leading internal programs of change
Charm offensive – actively working to influence stakeholders or the media
Communication planning
Communication schedules
Communication strategy
Community management
Community relations
Content creation
Content management
Content strategy
Corporate social responsibility messaging
Corporate transparency
Crisis communication
Customer communication
Customer feedback
Data visualization and visual storytelling
Developing presentations
Editorial planning
Employee communication
Employee engagement
Event planning and management
Executive communication and messaging
External communication
Facility tours
Flagship locations and product showrooms
Industry conferences and events
Influencer marketing
Influencer relations
Internal branding
Internal communication
Investor relations
Key messaging
Maintaining confidentiality and privacy
Marketing campaigns
Marketing materials
Media analysis
Media buying
Media coverage
Media monitoring
Media outreach and relations
Media planning
Media production
Message consistency
Message framing
Online engagement
Opinion research
Press conferences
Press releases
Product demonstrations
Product launches
Product messaging
Public engagement
Public relations campaigns
Public speaking
Publicity management
Relationship building and management
Reputation management
Sales and marketing alignment
Sales collaterals
Social engagement
Social media management
Stakeholder engagement
Urgent communication and scheduled communication
Visual communication
White papers and thought leadership
At the level of a firm, communications management represents the centralization of important communications such as product announcements, financial results and company news. These may be highly confidential and strategic such that they must be delivered with great professionalism and care.
In some cases, business units do their own brand messaging such that there are multiple teams communicating to customers. Communication to other stakeholders such as communities may handled by regional offices. Communications to stakeholders such as investors may be centralized. The structure of all of this varies greatly from firm to firm. Here there is a trade-off between consistency and efficiency where centralization can become bureaucratic but makes sure that communications consider the various implications of what you say.
Overview: Communications Management
The process of planning, delivering and monitoring communications for an organization, department or team.
Also Known As
Corporate Communications
Communication Management
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