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26 Examples of Administrative Services

Administrative services are foundational business functions that are shared across an organization, department or office. This can be internal services such as a service desk that provides support for technology. It is also possible for administrative services to be client facing such as a reception desk that receives visitors. The following are common examples of administrative services.
Catering and food services
Cleaning and janitorial services
Compliance and audit services
Corporate social responsibility services
Employee benefits and retirement services
Employee training and development services
Event management services
Facility management
Finance and accounting services
Help desk for information technology services
Human resources management
Legal and compliance services
Mail and courier services
Maintenance and repair services
Meeting room reservations
Office management services
Office safety, security and access control services
Onboarding services
Printing services
Procurement and supply chain services
Project management office
Public relations and corporate communications
Records and information management services
Recruitment services
Translation and interpretation services
Travel and expense administration
Administrative services create efficiencies by sharing services across teams. Likewise, they allow for services to be standardized to a high level of professionalism, quality and efficiency. For example, a project management office that manages projects for teams according to a methodology and set of best practices may be far more efficient than having teams manage projects themselves.
As a centralized function, there is also a possibility that administrative services could become a bottleneck or that they could acquire unintended power and influence by holding the keys to essential services.


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