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52 Examples of Work Complexity

Work complexity is the amount of effort required to fully deliver a work process including all overhead. This is relevant to the development of estimates and forecasts as work complexity relates to budget and schedule. Work complexity also indicates the level of knowledge, talent, expertise and organizational maturity required to deliver the work. The following factors contribute to work complexity.
Amount of communication required
Amount of documentation required
Availability of resources
Complexity of architecture
Complexity of data models
Complexity of design
Complexity of integration
Complexity of procurement
Complexity of project management process
Complexity of regulatory processes such as permits
Complexity of requirements
Complexity of technologies involved
Compliance overhead
Decisions and decision making processes
Extent of interdisciplinary collaboration – work that requires many types of professions to be involved
Level of resistance to change
Level of support and commitment
Locations involved
Number of business rules
Number of business units involved
Number of change requests
Number of contributors
Number of features
Number of functions
Number of integrations
Number of interfaces
Number of languages and locales
Number of meetings
Number of non-functional requirements
Number of organizations involved
Number of reports
Number of requirements
Number of screens
Number of stakeholders
Number of teams involved
Number of technologies involved
Number of use cases
Number of user roles
Number of workflows
Quality level required
Small iterative releases or one large release – iterative releases reduce complexity
Stability of organization
Stability of requirements
Stability of target environments - stability of the things you are changing
Task dependencies
Time constraints – it is more complex to deliver things quickly because you need more resources that must be coordinated
Type of materials involved e.g. for a construction project
Work that involves highly specialized tasks
Work that involves legacy systems or things
Work that involves multiple organizational cultures
Work that is intensely political
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