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5 Examples of Escalation

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Escalation is a process of involving more people in an activity or situation as appropriate. It is a common business term that is used in a wide variety of scenarios. The following are illustrative examples.

Service Support

It is common for service support to be structured as a series of levels. Most problems can be addressed by level one support. Other problems may require escalation to level two or level three support.

Incident Management

Incident management processes typically include procedures for escalating serious incidents to management.

Complaint Escalation

Customer service processes may allow customers to reach a manager or executive team if frontline staff are unable to resolve a problem. Large corporate customers may be able to escalate issues all the way to a firm's leadership.

Escalation Matrix

An escalation matrix is a mapping of who should be contacted under a particular set of conditions. For example, a project may develop an escalation matrix for handling project issues and delays.

Office Politics

Escalation is a common term for taking an issue or problem to executives. For example, if a system administrator is unresponsive to official requests and phone calls you may need to escalate to her boss to get a response.
Overview: Escalation
A process of involving more people in an activity or situation as appropriate.
Not to be confused with price escalation, an economics term.
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