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15 Examples of Management Structure

A management structure are the lines of reporting that allocate responsibility, accountability and authority for managing employees and other members of a workforce such as contractors, freelancers and partners. The management structure of a firm is a fundamental element of its strategy, organization and culture whereby firms may try to restructure things to improve results. The following are the common types of management structure.
Hierarchical Structure
A typical org chart where managers report to someone and also have people reporting to them.
Flat Structure
A structure where most employees are at the same level.
Divisional Structure
A firm that is divided into divisions by industry or market. Divisions may operate as separate businesses and have their own functional departments.
Departmental Structure
A firm or division that is divided into functional departments such as IT and marketing.
Functional Structure
Teams or departments based on job function such as HR or operations.
Matrix Structure
Denotes a firm where individuals can report to multiple managers across teams, often on a project basis.
Team Structure
The practice of assigning a group of people to work together with a single manager who is assigned authority and accountability. The management of teams can be both permanent and project-based.
Geographic Structure
Managing teams or departments based on location such as a regional sales office.
Business Units
A firm that is structured according to revenue accountability such a team that manages a set of products and services.
Multidisciplinary Teams
The common situation where teams are formed with members who have different job functions and come from different business units. These teams may have an assigned manager.
Cross-Functional Teams
Another word for teams composed of members with diverse job functions, roles and responsibilities. Often project based but these can also be permanent committees or working groups.
Self-Managed Teams
Teams that have no assigned manager such that they self-organize.
Network Structure
In a network structure, managers are expected to manage internal and external relationships with a variety of stakeholders and contributors to achieve objectives. Reflects the complexity of modern firms that may have less employees and more partners, contractors and freelancers.
Direct Report
The situation where an employee has one manager who handles important processes such as performance management.
Indirect Report
The boss of your boss whereby you fall under the authority of someone who doesn’t manage you directly.

Organizational Structure

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