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34 Examples of Group Communication

Group communication is the process of exchanging meaning within a group of more than two people. This is an everyday process that is nonetheless very different from person-to-person communication, particularly as a group becomes large such that communication complexity increases. In large groups, social processes such as leadership, social status and groupthink begin to play a larger role in communication. The following are illustrative examples of group communication.
All-hands meetings and town halls
Classes and training sessions
Collaborative writing
Conference calls
Consensus building
Facilitation e.g. round table with moderator
Focus groups
Forums and social media posts that involve group conversation
Group chats
Group conversation
Group decision making
Group discussion
Group emails and messaging
Group interviews
Group negotiation
Group problem solving
Group work
Networking events
Peer review
Public speaking
Remote work processes such as video conferencing work sessions
Study group
Team building
Team coaching
Team collaboration in virtual environments such as video games
Work processes such as customer service for a group of customers
Working group
Large groups can build on each other's ideas and in theory should outcompete individuals and small groups. However, the politics and social dynamics involved in large groups often means that strategies, decisions, plans and designs formed reflect social compromises such that they can be somewhat irrational.
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