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Meeting Agenda

3 Examples of a Meeting Agenda

A meeting agenda is a plan for a meeting. This is communicated to all attendees in advance of a meeting and typically includes a schedule for the meeting or an order of business that represents a list of things that will be covered in the meeting. The following are examples of meeting agendas that can be used as a template.

Team Meeting

An agenda for a team meeting that lists agenda items in numerical order. This outlines the structure of the meeting including its organizer, presenters, attendees and purpose. The core content of the meeting agenda is a list of agenda items that serves as a checklist of things to do or cover in the meeting.

Project Meeting

An example of an agenda for a project kickoff meeting that lists a responsible person and duration for each agenda item.

All Hands Meeting

The following is an example agenda for an extended event such as an all hands meeting. It includes a full meeting schedule.


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