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32 Examples of Performance Requirements

Performance requirements are specifications of the operational characteristics of a process, product or service. These set targets for speed, capacity, throughput, reliability, accuracy, fault tolerance and user experience. The following are common examples of performance requirements.
Response time
Concurrent user capacity
Transactions per minute
Transaction settlement times
Order fulfillment time
Data capacity
Data processing throughput
Data processing times
Notification times
Escalation times
Update times
Turnaround times
Cycle times
Availability such as uptime
Downtime such as maximum maintenance windows
Efficiency such as resource utilization
Batch processing times
Startup time
Charging time
Page load time
Conversion time
Incident resolution time
Average handling time
First contact resolution
SLA conformance rate
Customer satisfaction
Customer feedback and ratings
User satisfaction
Employee satisfaction
Stakeholder satisfaction
Error rate
Performance includes speed, accuracy, availability, throughput, capacity, error rate and customer experience.
Throughput is how much work can be completed in a period of time such as a service that can process 1000 transactions per second.
Cycle time relates to how long it takes a process to complete.
The performance metrics above relate to the performance of processes and can be applied to products and services including those that are automated, semi-automated or human interactions.
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