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Brand issues are problems, challenges and risks that impact the performance of a brand. This can relate to brand reputation, brand identity, customer perceptions and intensive competition such as imitation products. It is also common for a new brand to have great difficulty in establishing brand recognition and brand differentiation in a crowded market. The following are common brand issues.
Brand Cannibalization
Brand Confusion
Brand Dilution
Brand Identity Crisis
Brand Identity Theft
Brand Inauthenticity
Brand Inconsistency
Brand Obsolescence
Brand Overextension
Brand Safety Issues
Brand Saturation
Declining Brand Recognition
Imitation Products
Lack of Differentiation
Negative Publicity
Negative Reviews
Negative Word-of-mouth
Poor Customer Experience
Product Quality Issues
Reputation Damage

Brand Reputation Issues

Issues of trust and customer perceptions. This can relate to problems of low quality or poor customer experience.

Brand Identity Crisis

A brand with unclear identity and positioning due to factors such as mixed messaging, overextension or confusing redesigns.


Brand issues are challenges that prevent new brands from thriving or that cause established brands to go into decline.


Brand issues are marketing risks and low performance related to a brand. This can result from image problems or confused identity that reduce the ability of a brand to sell and support pricing power and customer loyalty.
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