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42 Examples of Service Requirements

Service requirements are specifications of a service that are developed by stakeholders such as business units. These outline assumptions, constraints, functions, features, operational characteristics and other expectations for the service that can be used by project and operations teams to make the service a reality. The following are common examples of service requirements.
User interface specifications
Look and feel
Branding and conformance to brand style guides
User input validation
Reports and metrics
Audit trail
Account management features
Personalization features
Roles and permissions
Workflow requirements
Data requirements
Business process requirements
Multilingual support
Multichannel support
Integrations and APIs
Performance requirements
Speed and response times
Transaction throughput such as orders per minute
Scalability and business volumes
Capacity specifications
Concurrent user capacity
Workload specifications
Reliability and uptime
Information security requirements
Privacy requirements
Usability requirements
User experience requirements
Error tolerance
Error handling
Human factors and reduction of latent human error
Customization options
Service management requirements
Service desk requirements
Maintenance requirements
SLA requirements such as incident response time
Backup and recovery
Requirements are broadly separated into functional requirements that specify what the service does for users and non-functional requirements that specify operational characteristics.
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