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28 Examples of Service Analysis

Service analysis is the systematic process of examining a service. This can involve measurement and looking at the processes, culture, environments and experiences that surround a service. Service analysis can also look at external factors such as changes to technology, culture and customer needs that impact the perceived quality and value of a service. The following are common examples of service analysis.
Functions and features
Service capabilities
Value proposition
Service positioning and differentiation
Service performance
Service quality
Service reliability, availability and scalability
Service risks
Errors and service accuracy
Service related incidents and problems
Service related safety, security and cybersecurity
Service support
Service culture
Service experience and customer experience
Customer satisfaction and perceptions of service
Usability analysis
Service processes
Service policies
Service environments
Customer outcomes related to the service
Service management analysis
Gap analysis
Situation analysis such as SWOT analysis
Service metrics, KPIs and reporting
Benchmarking against competitors or best known results
Market research
Service marketing analysis such as pricing analysis
Competitive analysis
Customer needs
Customer expectations
Customer feedback and customer advocacy
Service improvement processes
Service cost analysis
Social and environmental impact analysis
Service planning
Service goals and objectives
Service strategy
Service requirements
Service analysis overlaps with marketing analysis, operations analysis and business analysis.
Deliverables of service analysis can include strategies, goals, objectives, requirements, measurements & KPIs, benchmarking, Gap analysis and other analysis reports.
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