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34 Examples of Service Planning

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Service planning is the concept-to-market process of researching, developing, launching and marketing a service. This begins with market research to determine a valuable position for a service in a crowded market and progresses to product design, marketing and operational planning. The following are examples of the steps commonly involved.
Market research
Customer needs
Customer expectations
Customer experience sampling
Competitive analysis
Market trends
Service objectives
Target market
Brainstorm ideas for services
Service positioning
Service branding
Concept development
Proof of concept
Service strategy
Service roadmap
Feature prioritization
Service design
Quality testing
Market testing
Service operations planning
Operations training plan
Go-to-market strategy
Customer service strategy
Customer experience strategy
Promotion strategy
Pricing strategy
Sales strategy
Sales training plan
Launch strategy
Service launch
Customer engagement, feedback, advocacy
Marketing optimization
Continuous improvement of service
With launch, a service enters sustained processes such as service marketing, service management, customer advocacy and continuous improvement.

Service Planning

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Service Metrics
Service Planning
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