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5 Examples of Throughput

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Throughput is the output of something in a period of time. It is often used to model the maximum productive capacity of things and to measure efficiency. The following are common examples of throughput.


The amount of data that can be handled by a network connection in a second. For example, a wired internet connection that achieves throughput of 40 million bits per second (mbps).


An industrial drill on a production line that processes 23 items a minute with each item requiring 6 holes.


A bank settlement process that can settle up to 1 billion equity trades within 72 hours. Average volume at the bank is 37 million trades a day meaning that the settlement process can handle a significant peak in trading volume.


A production line that produced an average of 162 headphones an hour last month.


A train station with 12 passenger platforms that boards an average of 4.8 trains a minute during the morning rush.
Overview: Throughput
The productive output of a business process, machine, technology, infrastructure component or facility in a period of time.
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