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3 Types of Capacity

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Capacity is the maximum amount of output or input that can be handled by infrastructure, organizations, teams, processes, services, tools, machines or components. It is common to model capacity at several different levels:

Design Capacity

Design capacity is the achievable capacity of a design if it is allocated sufficient resources. For example, a data center may be designed with enough space for 12,500 computing units.

Effective Capacity

Effective capacity is the capacity that is achievable given your current design and resources. For example, a data center that is designed for 12,500 computing units that only has enough power from the grid and solar for 9,100 computing units.

Capacity Utilization

The percentage of effective capacity that you're actually using. For example, a data center with effective capacity of 9,100 computing units that currently has 3,400 units in service has a capacity utilization of 37.4%.
Overview: Capacity
The maximum amount of output or input that an entity can handle.
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