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82 Examples of Community Requirements

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Community requirements are needs and expectations for a strategy, decision, policy, program or project that are communicated by members of a community that you impact or serve. It is common for government, non-profit and corporate entities to view community members as stakeholders and to engage them in the process of requirements gathering. The following are examples of community requirements.
Addressing poverty
Affordable housing
Building codes
Childcare services
Clean air
Clean water
Community centers
Community events
Community gardens
Consumer protection
Corporate accountability
Cost of living concerns
Crime prevention
Cultural events
Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure
Defending property values
Disability services
Disaster preparedness
Economic opportunity
Education funding
Educational facilities
Educational programs
Emergency services
Entrepreneurship support
Environmental justice
Environmental stewardship
Fair regulations
Fair taxation
Financial discipline and debt reduction
Financial support
Food and nutrition support
Government accountability
Green spaces
Health initiatives
Health services
Home care
Housing assistance
Improved infrastructure
Investing in local businesses
Job opportunities
Land use and development
Local investment
Lower tax burdens
Maintenance of infrastructure
More trees
Nature conservation
Neighborhood beautification
Open dialogue
Preserving cultural heritage
Preserving neighborhood character
Public amenities
Public safety
Recreational spaces
Reducing noise pollution
Safe streets
Senior care
Social justice
Social programs
Transportation options
Upholding ethical practices
Urban renewal
Waste management
Youth programs

Goals & Objectives

At the highest level, community requirements can simply be goals, objectives or success criteria that are communicated by members of a community.
I need a reasonable place to live for less than $1200.
I require free transport to the senior's center.
I want to be able to safely cycle to work.
Kids should have a safe place to play outdoors.
Properly maintain the park.
Reduce crime in my neighborhood.

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are requests for functions and features of services, systems and infrastructure.
The bicycle path should be physically separated from the road.
The park should have lots of trees.
My street requires traffic calming features.
The bus stops should have a rain shelter.
The city should publish an annual maintenance schedule for the park that is open to review by the community.
The school requires a separate English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

Non-Functional Requirements

Requirements that specify the quality and character of things.
Buildings in the park should feel organic and blend into the natural environment.
The library should be accessible to people with disabilities.
The park should be safe.
Trains should run on-schedule 99% percent of the time.


Community requirements are the input collected from community members regarding the goals, objectives, success criteria, functions, features and quality of programs, projects and services.
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