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64 Examples of Marketing Services

Marketing services are business services related to promotion, branding, customer experience, product positioning, pricing, distribution and sales. This is an extremely broad area of business services that involves industries such as advertising, media, design and technology. The following are common examples of media services.
Ad Agencies
Advertising design
Advertising exchanges & networks
Advertising technology platforms
Advertising testing
Affiliate marketing
Analytics platforms
Branding & identity services
Broadcast media advertising
Competitive pricing intelligence
Competitor analysis
Conferences & workshops
Content management platforms
Creative agencies
Customer data platforms
Customer relationship management
Digital advertising
Dropshipping platforms
Ecommerce platforms
Email marketing
Event marketing
Event planning
Graphic design
In-store promotion services
Influencer marketing
Influencer outreach
Lead generation services
Licensing agencies
Local marketing
Logo design
Market research
Marketing attribution platforms
Marketing automation platforms
Marketing consulting
Media buying agencies
Media production companies
Merchandising services
Mobile app design
Mobile app development
Mobile app marketing
Multi-channel campaigns
Mystery shopping
Packaging design
Print design
Product placement services
Public relations
Publicity agencies
Rebranding services
Remarketing & retargeting
Sales collateral design
Sales consulting
Sales outsourcing
Sales partners
Sales training
Search engine marketing
Social listening & monitoring
Social media management
Social media marketing
Trade shows & exhibitions
Usability testing
User experience design
Video advertising
Video production services
Marketing services include automation such as a digital advertising exchange and high touch services such as a designer who specializes in logos who will try to understand your brand at great depth in order to visualize a representation of it.
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