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18 Examples of a Situation

A situation is the set of conditions that occur at a time and place. This can include risks, problems, opportunities and everyday situations that are neutral. Situations can be fast moving and require immediate decisions and action. Alternatively, they can be handled with a long term strategic plan. The following are illustrative examples of a situation.
Adversity such as discrimination.
Ambiguous situations such as a loud unknown sound.
Business opportunities such as a partnership offer.
Business problems such as a system outage.
Career opportunities such as a job interview.
Career risks such as upcoming layoffs.
Competitive situations such as a soccer game.
Conflict situations such as an argument after a bicycle accident.
Difficult situations such as improving your grade in a subject where you have been struggling.
Everyday situations such as eating breakfast.
Family situations such as a divorce.
Fast moving situations such as landing an aircraft in a strong and unpredictable crosswind.
Incidents such as losing customer data to an unknown entity.
Life situations such as a cumbersome debt.
Personal situations such as an getting sick or injured.
Safety risks such as climbing a ladder.
Social situations such as a party.
Stressful situations such as an exam.


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