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32 Examples of Situation Analysis

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Situation analysis is the process of evaluating your current position. This can be applied to businesses, organizations, teams or life in general using popular methodologies such as swot analysis that involve brainstorming different elements of your current situation. The following are common elements of a situation analysis.
Communication Factors
Competitive Advantages
Competitive Disadvantages
Cultural Environment
Customer Needs
Customer Perceptions
Economic Factors
Environmental Factors
Ethics & Values
Industry Environment
Information Environments
Legal Environment / Regulations
Operational Factors
Political Environment
Potential Competition / New Market Entrants / Substitutes
Scheduling / Time Factors
Social Environment
Technological Environment
It is common to make some division between internal factors -- things that are within your control and external factors such as markets that are mostly beyond your control.
The guides linked below have quite a few specific examples of situation analysis in areas such as strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
Overview: Situation Analysis
The process of evaluating your current position.
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