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82 Things Small Businesses Do

 , April 27, 2016 updated on February 11, 2023
Small business is generally defined as a venture with less than 50 employees. Small businesses are a driving force of economic progress that offer employment and generate innovation. Running a small business requires a special set of strategies that allow you to compete in markets that may be crowded with competition, including much larger firms. The following are common things that small businesses do.
Adapting to changing customer needs
Adapting to technological change
Advertising campaigns
Attending conferences
Automating work e.g. scripts
Brand development e.g. logo
Budget planning and tracking
Business banking
Business experiments e.g. restaurant tries new menu items
Business operations - e.g. shipping products
Business planning
Business registration
Community engagement
Competitive analysis
Content / video marketing
Conversion optimization
Cost optimization
Cross-promotion partnerships
Customer analysis
Customer feedback
Customer loyalty programs
Customer service
Customer support
Developing an online presence
Developing and maintaining a company handbook
Developing business cards and promotional materials
Developing partnerships
Developing products
Direct marketing e.g. email / mail
Distribution partnerships
Establishing policies and procedures
Event marketing
Exit strategy - planning to sell / exit business
Financial analysis
Financial planning
Geographic expansion
Handling complaints
Handling returns
Implementing business processes
Implementing technologies and tools
Improving packaging
Improving products and services
Improving service environments e.g. restaurant interior
Improving the customer experience
Industry networking
Learning and education e.g. acquiring new skills as a business owner
Licenses and permits
Local marketing
Maintaining technologies and tools
Managing customer relationships
Managing employees
Managing inventory
Managing partners and suppliers
Market diversification - new target markets
Market research
Obtaining insurance
Online advertising
Performance reviews
Product demonstrations
Product positioning
Promotional partnerships
Purchasing inventory and supplies
Recording expenses
Recording sales transactions
Recruiting employees
Referral marketing
Responding to customer inquires
Responding to reviews
Risk management - e.g. diversification
Sales promotions
Securing financing and refinancing
Social media marketing
Strategy planning - e.g. swot analysis
Testimonials and customer reviews
Trade shows
Training employees
Using data to optimize business and discover opportunities

Small Business

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