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What is a Daily Scrum?

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A daily scrum is a short, time-boxed meeting that is held each day of a sprint with all team members. It usually takes place first thing in the morning and is set to last 15 minutes or so. The format of the meeting is centered around three questions:
What did you do yesterday?
What will you do today?
Are there any impediments in your way?
Each contributing member of the team answers the three questions. The daily scrum is not a forum for management to push a team on status. In fact, non-contributing members of the team are often discouraged from speaking in the daily scrum, although they may attend. As a contributing member, the product owner is expected to attend.
The daily scrum is designed to be efficient and is often held in the same central location, close to the team's working space each morning. There is a common culture of getting to the point at the daily scrum.
Problems and issues aren't solved in the daily scrum, they are merely identified. After the daily scrum, the ScrumMaster will follow up with those who can directly solve the impediments identified.
Overview: Daily Scrum
A daily time-boxed meeting during sprints that scrum teams use to report recent activities, commit to a day's work and identify current problems and issues.
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