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11 Examples of a Definition Of Done

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Definition of done are a series of conditions that are used to accept deliverables as completed. A well designed definition of done prevents contributors from casually saying that something is done when it isn't up to standards that make it usable.


The deliverable achieves requirements.

Non-Functional Requirements

The deliverable conforms to non-functional requirements in areas such as performance.


The deliverable complies with requisite standards and best practices.

Sanity Check

The owner of the deliverable tested it or reviewed it.


The deliverable has been formally tested.


The deliverable has been peer reviewed.


The deliverable has no major defects.


Required documentation has been completed.


The deliverable has been integrated.


Items have been delivered as expected including checking them in, handing them off or release them into an environment.


Communication has been completed including updating status, communicating status or knowledge transfer.
Integration is a common area where things are left incomplete after being reportedly finished. For example, a software developer may say that work is done when code is completed but not integrated with other code, platforms and environments.
Overview: Definition Of Done
Basic requirements for features to be considered potentially releasable that are agreed amongst a scrum team.
More Examples
The feature is complete.
The feature is usable.
The feature is documented.
The feature is integrated with other available features.
The feature is checked in to source control.
All UAT test cases have been run and defects documented.
High priority defects have been fixed.
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