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15 Types of Project Branding

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Project branding is the use of marketing techniques to create a unique brand for a project. This is typically intended to generate political capital, recognition of achievements and to built momentum for change. The following are branding techniques that can be applied to projects.

Brand Name

Brand names are designed to be memorable and to convey an image. For example a project named "bill in an hour" as opposed to "sales to billing process and data enhancements phase II."


A short slogan that explains the value of the project such as "save $3 million dollars by making the billing process faster."


A vision is an inspirational story about the future that you don't necessarily need to achieve. For example, a project might paint itself as being a step towards completely automated operations.


Embracing and communicating a set of values or principles.

Brand Legacy

Associations to the past such as a previously successful project.

Brand Identity

Establishing a clear identity for the project. Brands are often thought of as taking on a personality and projects can be much the same. Is your project aggressive, controlled and valuable or confused, chaotic and doomed?

Brand Positioning

Positioning the value of your project relative to other things that are going on.

Brand Concept

Associating your project with easy to remember concepts such as a trendy new technology or business approach that everyone can intuitively grasp.

Visual Branding

Visual symbols of a project such as an simple informational graphic that people can remember.

Brand Image

A general emotion associated with a brand. Projects can also be associated with emotions such as change fatigue.

Brand Recognition

People are more likely to buy a brand they recognize, even if they have no information about it. Likewise, people may be more willing to cooperate with a project they have heard about.

Brand Awareness

Awareness is information that customers can recall about a brand. If people in your organization can remember a few facts about your project, you have brand awareness.


The culture surrounding your project such as storytelling, norms, behavior, symbols and language.

Moment of Truth

Moment of truth is a marketing concept that suggests that a customer's first purchase defines their impression of a brand. A project's moment of truth is typically its launch. In many cases, a project that experiences a number of issues is forgiven if in the end it delivers significant value.

Brand Extension

Capitalizing on the success of a project by extending it with new phases that leverage your brand recognition and awareness.
Overview: Project Branding
The use of branding techniques to improve project communications and stakeholder management.
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