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3 Examples of a Work Plan

A work plan is a plan that outlines the tasks and activities required to produce a result. These are commonly produced to manage work processes, projects and action items. Work plans are meant to be useful and productive such that they need not contain information that isn't helpful to you or your stakeholders. The following are illustrative examples of a work plan.


A basic work plan for a project that includes a description of tasks, who they are assigned to, how long they will take and when they will be completed. Dependencies and other notes can be included in comments. The plan also includes a document control section that states the owner of the plan, its version and when it was last updated.


A basic construction work plan for a short renovation project. This plan lists start and end dates, dependencies and resources.


An employee work plan is established by an employee and their manager and/or other stakeholders. It is common for an employee to manage their work by objective as opposed to at the task level. Objectives are business milestones that are relevant to stakeholders whereas tasks and activities are the details of how objectives are achieved.

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