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What is a Scrum Of Scrums?

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A scrum of scrums is a regular meeting that is held by organizations that have multiple scrum teams working on related products. This generally takes on similar format as the daily scrum with each member of the meeting reporting on the following questions:
1. What has your team done recently?
2. What are you working on now?
3. Are there any impediments in your way?
4. Are you planning to put impediments in the way?
The first three questions are the same as the daily scrum but reflect the fact that the scrum of scrums isn't necessarily daily. The last question is a common addition that allows teams to warn each other of upcoming impacts such as a change to an API.
Each team sends one member to the scrum of scrums. This representative is selected in the daily scrum and can change with time.
The scrum of scrums maintains a backlog of issues. It is common for the meeting to focus on iteration planning and integration. As with the daily scrum, impediments are merely identified and those closest to the problem meet separately afterwards to solve it.
Overview: Scrum Of Scrums
A regular meeting to coordinate the efforts of multiple scrum teams.
It is considered important to scrum that team sizes be small. As such, it is common to scale scrum by having multiple scrum teams. The scrum of scrums is the primary method of achieving this scale by coordinating the efforts of teams.
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