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42 Examples of Project Dependencies

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A project dependency is a condition that must be met before an activity can be started or completed. These are tasks, activities, subprojects, deliverables or events that lay the groundwork for further work. The following are common examples of dependencies.
Architectural designs
Budget approvals
Bug fixes
Checks and validations
Delivering code
Delivery of a supply
Deploying software
Developing a budget
Developing cost estimates
Employee training and development
Feasibility studies
Foundations in construction
Stages of construction such as framing
Hiring an employee
Legal agreements and contracts
Market research
Meetings and communications
Purchasing and procurement
Regulatory approvals such as permits
Research and development
Risk assessments
Securing resources
Setting up a facility
Setting up or cleansing data
Stakeholder feedback


There are four common types of project dependency as follows.

Finish to Start

Task A must be completed before Task B can begin. In this case, tasks must be completed sequentially.

Finish to Finish

Task A must be completed before Task B can be completed.

Start to Start

Task A must start before Task B can start.

Start to Finish

Task A must start before Task B can finish.
Overview: Project Dependencies
Conditions that must be met before an activity can be started or completed.
Modeling project plans and schedules.
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