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62 Examples of Management Metrics

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Management metrics are measurements of the objectives of managers. These are commonly used to measure the value created by a manager for purposes such as performance management. Management metrics include customer facing measurements such as revenue and customer satisfaction and internal measurements such as productivity, costs and turnaround times.
Absenteeism rate
Adoption rate – percentage of customers that use some product or feature
Average order value
Brand awareness
Brand recognition
Business volumes
Capability rate
Capacity utilization rate
Cash conversion cycle
Close rate and win rate
Conversion rate
Cost of defects
Cost of goods sold
Cost of quality
Cost of risk
Cost per lead
Cost reduction
Cost variance
Customer acquisition cost
Customer attrition rate and churn rate
Customer complaint rate
Customer lifetime value
Customer loyalty rate
Customer ratings – such as product review ratings
Customer satisfaction
Customer visits and engagement
Cycle time – one iteration of a process
Defect density
Defect rate
Employee satisfaction
Employee turnover rate
Forecast accuracy
Gross / net margins
Incident rate
Inventory turnover
Lead time – time to fulfill a request
Market share
Mean time between failures
Mean time to repair
Net promoter score
New revenue rate
Operating expense ratio
Overhead cost
Product return rate
Production yield – percentage of products that pass quality control
Productivity rate
Project success rate
Return on assets
Return on investment
Revenue growth
Revenue per employee
Risk exposure
Safety incident rate – incidents per thousand work hours
Schedule variance
Stakeholder satisfaction
Stockout rate – percentage out of stock
Time to goal – any goal such as a level of market share
Time to hire
Time to market
Turnaround time – the time to complete a task
Unit cost
Uptime and downtime

Management Metrics

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