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40 Examples of Management Accounting

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Management accounting is the numerical analysis of management problems. This should not be confused with financial accounting as the two disciplines have little in common. Management accounting considers both financial and non-financial numbers related to management concerns such as risk, quality, costs, return on investment and productivity. The following are common examples of management accounting.
Activity-based costing
Break-even analysis
Business analysis
Capacity utilization
Churn forecasting
Cost accounting
Cost estimates
Cost of quality
Cost of risk
Cost reporting
Customer metrics
Decision support
Defect rate
Efficiency metrics
Expense forecasting
Financial metrics
Inventory accounting
Marketing attribution
Marketing metrics
Net present value
Operations analysis
Outcome assessment
Payback analysis
Performance measurement
Price modeling
Product costing
Productivity metrics
Project metrics
Return on investment
Risk estimates
Sales metrics
Service costing
Total cost of ownership
Variance analysis
More about management accounting:
Best In Class
Complexity Cost
Cash Conversion Cycle
Cycle Time
Compliance Rate
Employee Productivity
Contribution Margin
Cost Benefit Analysis
Labor Productivity
Cost To Company
Lead Time
Run Rate
Statistical Analysis
Demand Forecasting
Takt Time
Efficiency Formula
Internal Benchmarking
Lifecycle Cost Analysis
Machine Efficiency
Net Present Value
Productivity Formula
Productivity Rate
Target Costing
Theory Of Constraints
Throughput Accounting
Total Cost Of Ownership
Variance Analysis
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