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27 Examples of Ecommerce

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Ecommerce is a broad category of business model that reaches customers via the internet. This includes businesses that sell products through electronic channels and services that are delivered over the internet. The following are common examples of ecommerce.

Online Retailer

Retailers that sell things through electronic channels such as websites and apps.

Subscription Boxes

Recurring delivery of niche products sold as a subscription service. For example, a monthly subscription box for a brand of cosmetics that contains sample or travel sizes of new products.

Bricks & Clicks

Retailers that have a physical presence such as shops and showrooms but also sell things online.

Auctions & Markets

Platforms that connect buyers and sellers.


Banking services such as bill payments, money transfers and stock trading. In some cases, banks are primarily electronic with few physical locations.


Peer-to-peer financing platforms that allow individuals to pitch projects, causes and ventures to a community.


A general term for platforms that facilitate commercial interactions between individuals without an intermediary such as a bank, agent or wholesaler. For example, a platform that allows people to rent their apartment on a nightly basis to travelers can be considered peer-to-peer.


Digital advertising networks, platforms, services and tools.


Commercial travel sites such as hotel and transportation bookings.


Entertainment companies such as streaming video and music services.


Games are commonly sold and delivered online. For example, massively multiplayer online games may allow thousands of players to interact in a common virtual world that is run on internet servers.

Virtual Economies

Economic systems that occur in virtual environments such as games.

Electronic Publishing

Sales of books and business publications in electronic formats.

Software as a Service

Software platforms that are accessed using websites and mobile apps.

Value Added Reseller

A value added reseller takes another firm's products or services and adds something of value. For example, a firm might offer a popular open source platform with hosting and technical support.


Software that is designed to work on mobile devices.

Domains & Web Hosting

Sale of internet domains and web hosting services such as cloud-based content management platforms.

Computing Services

Computing services such as cloud platforms, cloud infrastructure services and colocation.

Communication Services

Communication services such as a voice over IP tool that allows you to call landlines from an app.

Professional Services

Professional services such as consulting that is sold and/or delivered using electronic channels.

Electronic Wholesale

Electronic sales to wholesales, distributors, ecommerce sites and retailers.

Mass Customization

Services that allow a customer to design a product using an electronic tool that is then manufactured to the customer's specifications.

Custom Production

Producing custom items such as printed materials or industrial parts based on customer generated specifications in a standard format.

Content Subscriptions

Content providers such as newspapers or industry knowledge sources that offer access for a subscription fee.

Community Subscriptions

Social platforms that require payment to join such as a dating site.


Sites that host reviews of products and services that collect a membership fee for access.


Electronic tickets for events and entertainment attractions such as theme parks.
Overview: Ecommerce
A product or service that is primarily sold and/or delivered over a network.
Also Known As
Electronic Commerce
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