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48 Examples of Community Development

Community development is the process of improving the quality of life and sense of community in a place whereby the community plays an active role in partnership with government and industry. This is based on the principle that communities have the right to shape their own development and that participation and contribution to this process builds a sense of ownership and pride in the community. The following are common areas of community development.
Access to Education
Adult Education
Adult Literacy Programs
After School Programs
Building Homes
Building Schools
Child Care Programs
Community Events
Community Gardening
Compensatory Education
Creative Expression (e.g. street art competitions)
Cultural Activities
Cultural Events
Digital Literacy
Disaster Resilience Programs
Economic Development & Investment
Enrichment Programs (e.g. school sports)
Environmental Improvement & Remediation (e.g. almost car free zones)
Farmers Markets / Community Markets
Financial Literacy
Free School Breakfasts / Lunches / Dinners
Green Space
Health Education
Home Economics
Hospitals & Clinics
Housing Improvement Support (e.g. incentives to maintain and improve houses and apartments)
Language Revitalization
Local Celebrations
Local Competitions
Local Festivals
Nutrition Programs
Play Streets
Public Housing
Public Space
Quality of Education
Recreation Facilities
Safety & Security Initiatives
Small Business Loans
Small Business Support
Social Services
Training Programs
Transportation Services
Urban Planning
Volunteer Programs / Community Work
Walkability (e.g. safe sidewalks)
Youth Employment
Overview: Community Development
The process of improving the quality of life and sense of community in a place whereby the community plays an active role in partnership with government and industry.
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