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25 Examples of Community Culture

Community culture is the shared meaning and standards of behavior that emerge in a place. This occurs at the scale of a neighborhood, town or city and coexists with other types of culture such as national culture, subculture and superculture. Community culture emerges with the shared experiences of residents of a place and visitors such as tourists potentially contribute. The following are common elements of community culture.
Businesses (e.g. a well known cafe)
Fashion / Street Fashion
Heritage (e.g. local history)
Local Architecture
Local Events
Local Food
Local Heroes / Role Models
Local Language / Slang
Local Pastimes
Local Personalities / Celebrities
Local Sports
Local Stories / Myths
Local Traditions
Media (e.g. a local newspaper)
Norms (e.g. cutting your grass)
Places / Public Space / Public Buildings
Social Status / How Locals Gain Respect
Street Art / Local Art Scenes
Urban Landscapes / Natural Landscapes
Youth Culture (e.g. local skateboarding culture)
Overview: Community Culture
Shared meaning and standards of behavior that emerge in a place.
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