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Quality Of Life

25 Examples of Quality Of Work Life

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Quality of work life is an employee's self reported satisfaction with a job. This is usually interpreted to include how well the job contributes to their overall quality of life. The following are common elements of quality of work life.

Hygiene Factors

A work environment that meets basic employee expectations such as an office that is clean, comfortable, quiet and safe.


A reasonable workload. Both overtime and having too little to do can be the source of employee dissatisfaction.


Work that isn't overly repetitive.


Getting things done at a reasonable pace.


Some employees with thrive on an environment of constant change while others value stability and may feel stress about changes.


Negative emotions that can occur after a series of failed changes or promised change that never materializes. For example, a firm where executives are always talking about aggressive innovation without ever accomplishing it.

Tone at the Top

Trust in an organization and its management. For example, the sense that promotions are fairly administered as opposed to given out to friends of executives.

Mission & Vision

Employees who believe in the mission and vision of a firm may be more satisfied.

Goal Planning

Clear goals and objectives at the organizational, team and individual level.


Employees who are fully engaged. Feeling excluded from an important decision or effort generally leads to dissatisfaction.


Compensation and other financial rewards.


Employees who feel that their career is advancing and that they have a bright future.


The opportunity to explore and acquire new knowledge.


Recognition both formal and informal such as an employee who earns the respect of their team.


Some employees crave validation of their results and are happier when the receive regular feedback.


Work that isn't overly cognitively or emotionally demanding. For example, dealing with customer complaints all day may be more emotionally demanding than working on a creative work product such as a design.

Office Politics

The norms and behaviors of office politics at an organization. For example, an environment where people are afforded personal respect amidst disagreement.

Personal Resilience

The ability to handle the daily demands of a job without becoming overly stressed out. Some individuals are determined to be happy whatever their circumstances.


A sense of social fulfillment such as an employee who has plenty of friends at work and often enjoys outings such as lunches.


Control such as creative control over a design.


Employees may be unhappy if they feel that their employer infringes on their personal freedoms such as privacy.


An employee who feels they are able to balance work demands with other aspects of their life such as family, friends, hobbies, personal reflection, physical fitness and sleep.


An employee's commute can have a surprisingly large impact on job satisfaction.

Well Being

An employee's overall well being such as their health.

Quality of Life

An employee who is satisfied with their life is more likely to be satisfied with their work. For example, employee satisfaction rates may be higher in a city with an usually high quality of life.
Overview: Quality Of Work Life
An employee's self reported satisfaction with a job.
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