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40 Examples of Business Travel

Business travel is limited-duration travel of significant distance from your home for business purposes. This doesn't include your commute or extended work assignments away from home. Beyond that, any business activity that reasonably requires you to be at a remote place is a valid type of business travel. The following are illustrative examples.
Advertising Activities
Business Development
Compliance Activities (e.g. inspections)
Conferences & Trade Shows
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Service
Customer Support
Financing Activities
Industry Events
Internal Controls & Audits
Internal Meetings / Workshops / Training
Investing Activities
Issue Management
Knowledge Transfer
Licensing / Franchising
Managing a Supplier
Market Research
Media Production
Meeting Regulators
Partner / Supplier Negotiation
Partner Management
Problem Management
Project Management / Oversight
Promotional Events
Public Relations / Stakeholder Relationships
Public Speaking
Quality Assurance (e.g. investigating a quality issue at a site)
Repairs & Maintenance
Sales Meetings
Standards Compliance Monitoring
Supply Chain Management
Work at Customer Site
Work at Internal Remote Site
Work at Partner Site

Business Expenses

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