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Types of Asset

7 Examples of Current Assets

A current asset is an asset that is easily converted to cash or expected to be converted to cash within a fiscal year or operating cycle. The following are the common types of current asset.


Cash and deposits with financial institutions including foreign currency accounts.

Marketable Securities

Investments that have a liquid market such that they are easily sold. For example, stocks or bonds.

Accounts Receivable

Money owned to you by your customers and clients.


Inventory including raw materials, components and finished goods are normally a current asset as businesses typically intend to sell these within a business cycle.


Supplies are usually expensed as soon as they are purchased. However, it is also possible to track supplies as a current asset and only expense them when they are used.

Prepaid Expenses

Prepaid expenses such as an insurance payment made at the beginning of the year that is expensed each quarter as it is used.

Taxes Receivable

A pending tax refund or refundable tax credit that is applicable to the fiscal year.
Overview: Examples of Current Assets
An asset that is easily converted to cash or expected to be converted to cash within a fiscal year or operating cycle.
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