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Education problems are shortfalls of an education system, institution, school, class or the education of an individual. These include problems related to access, curriculum, learning, testing, engagement, quality of education, cost and fairness. Unlike education issues that can include broad questions of how education might be better, education problems are more concrete, specific and measurable. The following are illustrative examples of education problems.
Academic dishonesty
Accessibility barriers
Behavioral challenges
Bullying and harassment
Classroom discipline
Cost of education and college affordability
Dropout rates
Education achievement gap
Excessive student surveillance
Food insecurity, hunger and a lack of proper nutrition
Funding cuts
Funding disparities and inequality
Funding shortages
Gender discrimination
High dropout rates
High-stakes testing
Inadequate assessments
Inadequate facilities
Inadequate feedback
Inadequate funding for special education programs
Inadequate language support
Inadequate mental health support
Inadequate processes for improving schools
Inadequate student housing
Inadequate support for students from low-income families
Inadequate teacher training
Inefficient school management
Insufficient education oversight
Insufficient education standards
Insufficient or excessive testing
Insufficient support for students with learning disabilities
Issues of free speech and censorship
Lack of access to books
Lack of extracurricular programs
Lack of field trips and hands-on learning experiences
Lack of gifted education and challenges for students
Lack of lunchtime, recesses and breaks
Lack of outdoor education and nature experiences
Lack of physical education
Lack of resources
Lack of school transparency
Lack of student engagement
Lack of support for immigration, refugees and undocumented students
Lack of teacher performance pay
Lack of vocational education
Learning barriers in the classroom such as distractions and interruptions
Low digital literacy
Low parental involvement
Low student engagement
Low teacher evaluation standards
Mismanagement of schools
Narrow or biased curriculum
Outdated curriculum
Overcollection of student data and student privacy issues
Overcrowded classrooms
Overfocus on rote learning
Poor access for students with disabilities
Poor attendance and absenteeism
Poor literacy skills
Racial discrimination
School safety and security shortfalls
Standardized testing pressure
Student debt
Student mental wellness
Student motivation issues
Teacher bias
Teacher burnout
Teacher pay issues
Teacher retention issues
Teacher shortages
Teacher training issues
Unequal or poor access to technology
Overview: Education Problems
Shortfalls of an education system, institution, school, class or the education of an individual.
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Educational issues
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