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35 Examples of Qualifications

Qualifications are formal achievements or status that signal that an individual is capable and eligible for a job, role, position, membership or admission to a school. These can be contrasted with informal achievements, talents and character traits that may also be important to a job or role. Qualifications are typically documented such that they are unambiguous. The following are common examples of a qualification.
Associate degrees
Bachelor's degrees
Certifications related to standards and compliance
Citizenship or residential status
Doctorate degrees
Driver's license
First aid certifications
High school diploma
Honors degrees
IT certifications
Industry certifications
Institutional memberships e.g. university students qualify for a internship program
Language proficiency tests i.e. certified test results or passed levels
Master's degrees
Partially completed training and education e.g. Grade 10 completed
Professional certifications
Professional credentials
Professional degrees
Professional designations
Professional endorsements
Professional licenses
Professional memberships
Professional recognition
Professional training certification
Project management certification
Security clearance
Standardized testing results
Teaching credentials
Trade certifications
In some cases, the term qualifications is used in an informal sense to include skills, talents and character traits that aren't officially documented.
The pursuit of qualifications over talent is known as credentialism whereby individuals and organizations may ignore learning, experiences and accomplishments that don't receive a certificate.
Overview: Qualifications
Formal achievements or status that signal that an individual is capable and eligible for a job, role, position, membership or admission to a school.
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