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40 Examples of an Education System

 , March 09, 2023
The education system is the set of all institutions, policies and programs that provide formal education to people in a society. This includes all public and private schools and related governance institutions such as education departments and school boards. The following are common elements of an education system.
Accreditation organizations
Adult education programs
Afterschool programs
Alternative education programs
Apprenticeship programs
Art schools
Business schools
Charter schools
Culinary schools
Daycare centers
Drama schools
Early childhood education programs
Education departments
Education related sports programs
Educational competitions, events and workshops
Elementary schools
Film schools
Gifted education programs
Graduate schools
High school equivalency programs
High schools
Homeschooling programs
Language schools
Law schools
Literacy programs
Medical schools
Middle schools
Music schools
Nursery schools
Online schools
Professional certification boards
School boards
Special education schools
Standardized testing programs
Summer schools
Technical schools
Vocational schools
Education systems are primarily a public service in many countries whereby education is viewed as a right and a public good that is mostly funded by the government.


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