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36 Examples of Classroom Culture

Classroom culture are the norms, expectations and habits that emerge in a classroom. These reflect the realities of a classroom and can be shaped but not directly controlled by a teacher. In other words, culture doesn't include formal rules, teaching methods and structures -- this is classroom management. Culture reflects the intangible shared meaning and behaviors that emerge with shared experience. The following are common elements of classroom culture.
Candor & Directness
Challenging Assumptions
Classroom Traditions
Creative Expression
Critical Thinking
Dispute Resolution
Disruptive Behaviors
Engagement & Participation
Expectations (e.g. what students expect of the teacher and vice versa)
Honor System
Individualism / Collectivism
Language (e.g. a culture of using academic language, formal language, informal language or slang)
Listening Habits
Mediocrity (e.g. saying what you think the teacher wants to hear as opposed to what you think)
Openness to Challenging Ideas
Peer Pressure
Saving Face
Sense of Ownership (e.g. rules set by the students that are followed according to an honor system)
Sense of Purpose
Social Conflict / Bullying
Social Inclusion
Social Status
Tolerance for Disagreement
Willingness to Share Brave Ideas
Working Habits

Classroom Management vs Classroom Culture

Classroom management is direction and control of a classroom by a teacher. Classroom culture are the persistent social realities that emerge in a classroom such as norms and habits. For example, a rule is classroom management and a pervasive group tendency to observe or rebel against that rule is classroom culture.
Overview: Classroom Culture
The persistent social behaviors, norms and expectations that emerge in a classroom.
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Classroom Culture

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