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78 Examples of Quality of Education

Quality of education is the value offered by an education system, institution or program. This considers factors such as teaching, class environment, school culture, curriculum, assessment, support and choice that influence the learning experience and the knowledge, talents and character that students gain from education. The following are examples of quality of education factors.
Accelerated learning opportunities
Accessible access
Adequate school facilities
Affordability and cost effectiveness
Anti-bullying policies and interventions
Art and music programs
Assessment aligned with learning goals
Avoidance of high-stakes testing
Breaks and time for free interaction and play
Choice in topics and subjects of study
Civic engagement
Clear and timely feedback to guide student learning and improvement
Clear and transparent assessment criteria
Clear learning objectives
Collaborative projects
College and career readiness programs
Community partnerships
Comprehensive curriculum
Continuous professional development for teachers
Critical thinking and questioning
Cultural competency and global awareness
Effective classroom management
Effective discipline
Effective governance and leadership
Effective teaching
Effective use of class time
Effective use of technology
Engaging classes
Ethical standards
Experiential learning
Extracurricular activities
Financial literacy education
Flexibility in scheduling and pacing
Fosters independent thinking
Free speech and open discourse
Freedom of expression and creativity
Gifted and talented programs
Global interaction and study abroad programs
Governance engages community in decisions
Guest speakers and expert presentations
Guidance and counseling services
Health and wellness
High academic expectations
Inclusion of diverse perspectives and viewpoints
Inclusive environment
Individual attention
Library resources and services
Literacy and numeracy
Minimizing technology-related distractions
Nutrition programs
Open-ended research assignments
Parental engagement and involvement
Performing arts
Physical education
Positive school culture
Problem-solving activities
Programs and support for students with special needs
Public speaking opportunities
Qualified teachers
Regular and punctual attendance
Regular review of assessment practices
Research opportunities
Rigorous academic standards
Safe and secure environments
Scientific literacy
Small class sizes
Sports and athletics programs
Student engagement and participation
Student self-assessment and reflection
Student voice and agency
Subject expertise
Supportive environment
Timely and constructive feedback
Transparent and accountable administration
Transparent and accountable governance
Use of real-world examples and applications
Well-maintained classrooms
Well-structured and sequenced curriculum
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