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38 Examples of Homework

Homework is the practice of assigning study tasks to students to be completed at home. This may be done to cultivate study skills, master a talent or to complete individual tasks such as reading without consuming class time. In theory, homework can support classwork by preparing, reflecting, integrating and applying learning. The following are common examples of homework.
Checking for understanding assignments that a teacher uses to gauge learning needs
Coding assignments
Community service projects
Concept mapping tasks
Cooperative and collaborative tasks
Creative assignments such as brainstorming
Creative writing prompts
Critiquing media
Decision making exercises
Engineering projects such as robotics
Extension exercises that apply what has been learned in class
Goal-setting assignments
Group discussion or debate
Integrative learning tasks that making connections between different topics and experiences
Interviewing assignments
Journaling assignments
Literary analysis
Media consumption such as watching a documentary or listening to music
Memorization drills for rote learning
Music composition
Online learning tasks
Peer teaching or tutoring assignments
Practice exercises
Practicing a physical activity such as skip rope
Practicing an instrument
Pre-learning tasks designed to spark interest in an upcoming topic
Preparing presentations for class
Problem solving exercises
Processing assignments that reflect on what was learned in class
Reading assignments
Research assignments
Science experiments
Science fair projects
Self-reflection exercises
Summarization such as taking notes while reading
Visual arts projects
Writing composition


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