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4 Examples of a Learning Plan

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A learning plan is a document that captures plans to acquire knowledge and improve abilities. A learning plan may be a personal plan that captures all of an individual's learning ambitions. Alternatively, a plan may be carefully tailored to a situation, role or program such as an employee who is required to document a learning plan as part of a career development process. The following are illustrative examples of a learning plan.


Professionals may develop a learning plan as part of performance management, career planning or learning & development. Plans may be tailored to communicate an employee's career goals while excluding learning that is unrelated to a role such as an accountant who wants to learn guitar. In the example below, a salesperson plans to improve skills that are all directly related to their work performance such as public speaking, product knowledge and selling techniques.
Putting too much effort into measuring the results of your learning can skew your learning in unproductive ways. For example, if you attend a conference to learn about your industry it is unlikely you will be able to measure that in any meaningful way. Measuring things in terms of attendance and completion is often enough.


A student learning plan can be developed for career planning. This may encourage students to engage in self study and extracurricular activities that complement classroom work. In some cases, a learning plan is developed at the level of an academic program or subject. This is useful when a subject requires diverse experiences to master. The following is a learning plan for a student of Japanese language who intends to expand upon classroom learning with self-study and group activities.


A learning plan for an internship may be developed by an internship program to pitch the program to potential applicants. Internships may also request applicants to submit a learning plan to indicate their learning objectives. It is also common for learning plans to be jointly developed by an employer and an internship participant at the beginning of an internship. For example, the following internship learning plan for a project management role at a construction company.


Personal learning plans are developed by an individual and may span multiple domains and include education, training, practice and self-learning. For example, a senior high school student with goals to improve their academic performance and soccer skills in preparation for university and acquire new abilities in their free time.
Overview: Learning Plan
A document that captures plans to acquire knowledge and improve abilities.
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