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44 Examples of Cost Of Living

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Cost of living are the expenditures require to maintain a defined lifestyle and quality of life. This is typically used to model cost differences by country or city for the purposes of salary negotiation or adjustments. Cost of living can also be used to model the affect of inflation on living costs. Such calculations can be used to determine baseline salary increases over time. The following are examples of things that can be considered in cost of living.
Clothing and shoes
Dental care
Dining out
Elderly care
Gym membership
Haircuts and beauty services
Health insurance
Hobbies and activities
Home decor
Home furnishings
Home maintenance
Household supplies
Lawn care
Mandatory fees and contributions such as pension dues
Membership fees
Mobile services
Parking fees
Personal care products and services
Pet expenses
Phone bills
Property maintenance
School fees
School supplies
Sports and recreation
Technology devices and services
Vision care
It is common for cost of living to be estimated using a basket of goods that represent a range of needs associated with a particular lifestyle. For example, the term is often applied to the cost of replicating an American or European lifestyle in a foreign city. As such, estimates of cost of living vary widely as they are typically culture centric.
Overview: Cost Of Living
Human Resource Management
The cost of maintaining a particular lifestyle by city.
An employee uses cost of living statistics in salary negotiations when considering a position in a more expensive city than her current location.
A company gives employees a cost of living allowance when relocating them overseas to compensate for extra costs.
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Cost Of Living

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