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Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

What are Known Unknowns?

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Known unknowns are things that you know that you don't yet know. This can be quite useful because knowing that you don't know something is a starting point for research. Unknown things can also play into decision making as they represent uncertainties and risks. The following are hypothetical examples.
Scientists who discover a distant planet but are unsure if it has water.
A self taught musician who knows that he can't read sheet music.
An investor purchases a stock with the knowledge that upcoming earnings could disappoint.

Unknown Unknowns

Unknown unknowns are things that you don't even know exist. This is a dangerous class of knowledge as it is impossible to incorporate it in decision making. For example, bacteria weren't discovered until the late 17th century. Up to that point, people simply didn't imagine that tiny invisible-to-the-eye life was even a possibility.
Overview: Known Unknowns
Things you know you don't know.
A starting point for research.
Uncertainty plays into decision making as it can be considered as a risk or opportunity.
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