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What is Cost Of Revenue?

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Cost of revenue are the direct costs associated with revenue for a financial period. This appears on a firm's income statement. Cost of revenue is used, amongst other things, to calculate gross margins.

Direct Materials

Materials, ingredients, parts and components used in your products, services and packaging.

Direct Labor

Labor used to produce, inspect and deliver products and services.

Production Overhead

Overhead costs such as rent and utilities that can be directly tied to production of your products and services. For example, the rent for a factory or restaurant.


The cost of logistics including freight, warehousing and shipping goods to customers.

Inventory Adjustments

Inventory costs such as write-downs.

Import Duties & Tariffs

Costs for customs duties and tariffs on imported goods.
Any cost that can be directly tied to production of products and services can typically be included in cost of revenue.
Costs for sales and marketing, research & development and general administrative expenses are generally not included in the cost of revenue.
Overview: Cost Of Revenue
Direct costs incurred to generate revenue.
Also Known As
Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
For a given item, cost and revenue are reported together. In other words, cost of revenue is matched to the revenue reported for a given period.
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