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44 Examples of Management Accountability

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Management accountability is the duty to answer for business outcomes. Accountability is tied to authority whereby the power to avoid problems and risks creates a duty to answer for results. Where authority is delegated, accountability can't be fully delegated such that you remain accountable for work that you assign to others. The following are common types of management accountability.
Alignment to organization’s strategy, policy and principles
Appropriate candor and directness in communication
Budget control
Cost control
Customer advocacy – using customer feedback to improve
Customer service & customer satisfaction
Data protection
Data stewardship
Efficient use of resources
Employee feedback
Environmental stewardship
Financial oversight
Following requisite processes
Goal Setting
Knowledge capture and sharing
Managing low performance
Meeting commitments
Meeting management and facilitation
Partner management
Policy implementation
Process monitoring and oversight
Project delivery
Quality control and assurance
Record keeping
Regular performance reviews
Resource allocation - putting resources to work
Risk management
Sales results & revenue growth
Security compliance
Setting expectations for work performance
Stakeholder relationships
Talent retention
Team communication
Team development
Team performance
Team strategy and planning
Timely performance feedback
Waste reduction
Workforce management – managing contractors, freelancers and employees


Managers are accountable for their performance relative to their authority and role in each situation. If their low performance or poor behavior causes issues, accountability requires taking responsibility for these issues. The top level managers of a firm are accountable for the entire firm without any ability to transfer this to lower level employees who are accountable only for their role.


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